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Born in Birmingham, England and very proud of it. She´s a big believer of the saying "if you don't try it, you´ll one day regret it".

Her family where very out going and enjoyed life to the full. A trained dancer from a very early age, she moved on to becoming a successful Aromatherapist in later life.

Sandra married at the age of nineteen. Unfortunately they divorced after 28 years together. Three good things came out of their marriage, three wonderful children. When they were small Sandra would make up the most amazing stories. Then when they too had families, Sandra would do the same for them.

When Sandra moved to Spain with her partner, retirement was up-most on their minds. She thought their days would be peaceful, sitting round the pool drinking a glass of cool beer. Wrong.

Sandra Knott


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Sandra Bernice Knott has done an amazing job. Usually I can’t get into a story such as this, but the main character, Anne, is so believable and is easy to relate to.

Kristina Reading, Amazon Review

Knott creates a great story that is well-suited to tweeners. The book is short, at less than 70 pages, but will worth the time. Give the story a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Brian, Amazon Review

Good witches and bad witches. 12 Alive or Dead The Witching Hour is a story taking place on the planet of Lunas. Consumed by evil, the powers that be, in order to return calm to the planet, grant equal standing to good and evil, separating the two warring groups with a curfew.

Karma, Amazon Review

The story held my three grandchildren silent while I read the story to them. Charlie(8) asked if he was as bad as Stewart. Mia(6) liked the description of the miniature ponies and wants one! Rebecca(11) read the story again to the others although this time there was more interruptions to ask questions.

Graham Waller, Amazon Review

British writer Sandra Bernice Knott is a grandmother who has, at the bequest of her grandchildren, published her first book. Inspired by the love of storytelling she has created an illustrated book and she awaits the response of readers outside her circle of grandchildren.

Grady Harp, Amazon Review


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